10 reasons to go to the gym by strawberriesandfacecream

Mark has asked me to post a blog every week about my ‘journey’ into clean eating and fitness which started mid November.  I was a little bit lost for words (doesn’t happen much!) – so I thought I would start with my 10 reasons to go to the gym or more importantly – the reasons I go to Stone Barn Fitness.


reasons why I go to the gym

1. To look hot, awesome, Dead Sexy, tolerable (before 2:00 a.m. closing time or in the countryside ooo aaaar 11pm last orders), fine and bootylicious.  These aren’t all my reasons, I just googled it and thats what it came up with.  Have a go “reasons to exercise’.  I couldn’t top it, so those are now my reasons!

2. To meet and hang out with people who are not necessarily partners, children, co-workers or relatives. Yes, I know we all love our families but it can be nice to have like-minded adult friends and if your other half is a couch potato, you’ll need to take your exercise chat elsewhere!  I’m not saying that the gym is somewhere you need to be social.  If you want to keep those noise cancelling headphones on whilst you work out, go on, knock yourself out!

3. Flat Abs – This is, like, totally different from #1. Ask anyone. But not while they’re doing their ab exercises – well don’t ask me as I will be unable to breathe/answer back. 

4. To be stronger and physiologically younger. Personally, I’d rather have a fit 40-year-old body than an unfit 21 year old (am I kidding myself here?!).

5. To be able to do stuff and have loads of energy.  I mean, what’s the point of living if you can’t touch your toes? Or someone else’s?

6. To feel better about yourself. Oh, and fit into all that expensive stuff lost in the back of the wardrobe. (Psst, did you know men exercise to lose weight because they actually are overweight (health reason), while women exercise to lose weight due to body dissatisfaction (appearance reason). So on that note, my arse, my thighs, my muffin tops.  They all need to shape up or ship out.

7. Bragging rights. Just between us, isn’t it sort of satisfying to share your exercise stories? Take a look at instagram, its crammed with people showing off their fitness and their beautiful bodies. By the way, have I told you that I’ll be doing a Tough Mudder next Spring?!

8. Because, if you ever needed motivation, take lots of pictures of yourself from all angles in your undies.  I did.  I’m still having nightmares – but I haven’t snuck a bar of chocolate in in over 2.5 weeks!

9. For women, its a chance to splash out on new attire.  I mean, good workout kit makes us fitter and more motivated = right?

10. Because I like to indulge once in a while and I don’t like to bulge…..


reasons why I go to the gym

What are your 10 reasons to go to the gym?  Are they healthy or vanity related or is it just you like to hang around with other sweaty beings?

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