The Secret to your Success at Stone Barn Fitness

I often get asked what is the easiest way to lose weight? Or how do I get fitter in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of effort? The brutal truth is however, that you need to be motivated, work hard and be disciplined to get the results that you desire. Keep your eyes on the prize and trust me it will be worth it. I’m no Angel let me tell you, I have fallen off the wagon and eaten a whole tray of crispy crèmes and got boozed on shooters, but this is a long term thing we are talking here, so listen up!

As a nation we are lazy, now that’s not just some sweeping generalisation here. Inactivity levels are rising especially in women and obesity statistics are becoming increasingly concerning. The activity norms 30 or even 20 years ago have changed dramatically. If you go the gym, exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, you are often viewed as abnormal or obsessed! Where did it all go wrong? We were designed to move not to wallow! Now you can just sit there on your ipad and exercise one digit or you can get up and do something, read until the end though please!

Obesity Rate Infographic

In the UK eating takeaways and junk food and watching X-factor every Saturday night are seen as acceptable (just watch gogglebox). You deserve a treat right? You worked all week and even went to the gym once, well did a few lengths in the pool and had a sauna and then a coffee on the way out. In a world of convenience and easy living, TV and processed food rule the household just like they want it to. (that’s they in the broad sense of the word, multi-national food companies who run the show, and not a mysterious external force that you can’t escape!) The lazier you get the more you consume, you can either follow the masses or make your move, you have a choice here, you really do!

TV viewing hours 2011

“I simply don’t have enough time to go to the gym” How many times have I heard that! 3 hours per week is less than 2% of your week! Now I’m not saying that this is the absolute solution, but it’s at the crux of the issue. The other 98% of the time counts too of course! But it’s a mindset and a commitment to regular exercise that can often be the catalyst to positive lifestyle change. There are of course proven methodologies to make this process work for you and to ensure you are maximising your exercise sessions and activity levels. But this is a personal thing, it’s your time, it’s your body, so it has to work for you! More on this in due course.

On the other side of the coin is diet, you will not get the results you are looking for if you do not combine healthy activity with healthy eating. But you knew that right? Who doesn’t?

If you have tried Weight Watchers or Slimming World or any diet books as a matter of fact, you will fail. I will be blogging on the reasons why dieting doesn’t work and why they whole business model for the billion pound diet industry is built around you failing. Ensuring that you and your family eat a healthy diet is your responsibility, please don’t blame time, and convenience for your shortcomings, your body and your children will not thank you for it! There are some simple steps and mistakes people make which can easily be managed without surviving on Quinoa and raw broccoli believe me!

Supermarket takeaway pizza

If you are just looking for shortcuts or the easy solution, I will not make you slimmer in 21 days or give you abs of steel in 3 minutes a day! We need to be realistic here, make sure your mind is ready to embrace new things and challenges, this can actually be fun! If you are in a place where you want to learn, you want to make a change and make a commitment, then the possibilities truly are endless. You will succeed, you will achieve and you will be happy, well as long as you don’t watch X-factor!

Healthy lifestyle

Now I am not a self proclaimed Guru or Messiah on Health and Fitness, (that market is becoming an increasingly crowded place) I’m just a regular guy, who owns a gym and is trying to promote more activity and healthier living to as many people as possible. I will keep things simple, and not bore you with technical bio mechanics or macro/micro nutrient cycles. There are no promises of quick fixes here, but sensible, no nonsense advice, designed to make you enjoy life, a healthier and fitter version of it! Think of an upgraded version of yourself, it might take a while to download, but it will be more efficient and you will definitely look better in high definition.