Mark’s London Marathon Blog #2

Marathon Training Week 1 Summary

My hamstring injury is starting to do my head in! I missed my first run of the week and then attempted a 5 miler on Thursday, stopping after less than 3k. I did however, manage to do a few upper body and core workouts and a HIIT circuit class during the week. So after some rest and some rehabilitation I was committed to completing my scheduled 10 miler on Sunday. I woke up and it was minus 2, great! So leggings on, hat on, gloves on, ibuprofen gel and deep heat used sparingly, time to get it done. My ears and fingers always get frozen for some reason so needs must and all that! (I’m Soft)

Truth is I waited until 10am until it had just got above freezing, but it was still very icy under foot and a not too pleasant swirling wind.  I roughly planned my route beforehand, but always just see how the run feels and change it accordingly. 2 miles in and I felt a bit crap, but after a bit of comedy uphill slip slide running, I got to 10k and my legs started to feel better and I warmed into the run a bit more. The middle part of the run was actually felt pretty comfortable, my hamstring and legs in general started to feel it the last mile or so. By my reckoning that’s the furthest road run probably ever? So my total time was 1hr 25 minutes, for just over 10 miles averaging 8.20 minute mile pace. It was slightly slower than I had planned, but given the circumstances I was pleased to get it done and log more miles in the bank. If you are running an event this year or just want to read some really inspiring stuff, check out this book. It really makes you put things into perspective and realise actually that you really should stop moaning and be thankful for your health, mobility and the life you have.

So my weight is pushing towards 90kgs and I figure that if I can get down to 86kgs by race day it will make things slightly easier. I am going to steer clear of lifting heavy weights and try and stick to conditioning and bodyweight workouts to support my running training. Whilst I will ensure I consume enough protein to maintain my muscle and promote active recovery. I will keep a closer tab on my overall calorie consumption to get some fat loss going. I’m never going to be Mr Slim Jim runner, but my knees might thank me for some marginal gains, or losses in this case.

This week will start with a rest/stretch mobility day and I have a sports massage booked on Wednesday to try and ease the hamstring off a bit more. So this weeks 3 day run schedule is as follows; 4 x 1200m then 5 miles then Gloucester Half Marathon on Sunday. I’m using it as a training run, so I’m targeting a sub 1 hour 50 time, rather than a flat out run. (Although my competitive nature might take over at some point) My A race is London so I  will keep focussed on that and also ensure I don’t overdo it at this early stage. For any of you that are interested the training plan I am following, it can be found online, or more in depth in this book. It’s suitable for beginners through to elite and it is fairly simple to follow.

My sponsorship is now up to over £900! Thank you to everyone who has already donated and I apologise if you are getting bored of me keep mentioning it. But it is for a great cause and I really want to hit my £1500 target by the time I get to the start line. My Roys Runners Race Vest came this week so it’s getting serious, I will be modelling it this weekend if it’s not too chilly. Wish me luck.