Mark’s London Marathon Blog #4

Marks London Marathon Blog #4 Training weeks 3&4

So 1 month down and I’ve now run over 100km this year in my journey to the London Marathon. Overall my training has been going pretty well despite the weather. I have, however missed 3 training runs so far mainly due to injury management.

The previous Sunday was supposed to be a 12 miler, but the weather was super grim. Snow in the morning and torrential rain all afternoon with a temperature just above freezing. Yes I am moaning again. Anyway, at 3.45pm in neon attire with head torch on, looking like a minion, I managed just under 10k (6 miles) very slow, but I felt better for actually getting out there. This Sunday however, was in complete contrast, a mild(ish) day with some actual sunshine! I planned and managed 10 miles with steady 8 minute mile average pace, so again job done. My Garmin decided to give up the ghost this weekend, so I was guessing my pace, but it seemed to work OK. So my job for this week is to either get it fixed or invest in a new one, it’s a vital bit of kit if I’m to nail my training plan.

I also need to make sure I get cracking with my interval speedwork sessions. To be honest these are the session I have missed due to sprinting placing the most strain on the hamstring. I have a 10x400m session scheduled for this Friday so we will see how it holds up. I pushed my run a bit harder today 7.15minute miles for 5 miles felt good, if a little blustery. With regards to the injury, I am currently having some Bowen Therapy, which involves gentle soft tissue manipulation. Hopefully this will continue to give me continued hamstring improvement.

So although my training focus in month one has been decent, my nutrition has been less so. This week is the first week of starting to log my calories and ensure I consume adequate protein and carbohydrates pre and post run. I am also looking to drop some body fat so creating a calorie deficit will be key. It is almost impossible to lose fat through exercise alone if you do not change your diet. You are looking at creating around a 3,500 calorie deficit to lose 1lb of fat. And don’t believe the calorie readouts on gym cardio machines, typically they are estimate around 40% more than the reality!

Last week I had a new Personal Training Client. She is severely disabled and unable to walk unaided due to a car accident over 30 years ago. She approached every task with a real determination and humour despite her limitations. Everyone needs a reality check every now and then and this was mine. So count your blessings, you can walk, you can run, you can change your situation, too many blame external factors and make excuses. If you’re lucky enough to choose your own path, go and make it happen.