Marks London Marathon Blog #6 5 weeks to go!

So 11 weeks down 5 weeks to go! I decided against running the Milton Keynes 20 miler in the end. My knee has still been annoyingly a bit niggling and didn’t want to make things worse or jeopardise London. I took 11 days off running altogether with a few treatments in between. This has definitely improved my knee but it’s still far from perfect. I’ve been keeping the runs to 7-8 miles just to keep things ticking over. My plan was to test it out with a longer run this Sunday but the snow came again! I managed to get out there in the cold and log a 7 miler in the bag, but far from perfect.


I think I chose the coldest/snowiest winter ever to do my London Marathon training. Hopefully this will be the end of the snow though, I could do with a wearing the vest and shorts a bit more often.  I think everyone has probably had enough now! Still it’s character building right?

The plan is to get a final long training run in this weekend (weather permitting) 15-20 miles is the target. So far I’ve missed two scheduled long runs, so I want to make sure that I have enough endurance in my legs. After speaking to some seasoned marathon runners, it’s definitely a vital element to get at least a few 18 mile plus training runs in to avoid hitting the wall at around 20 miles.

As I taper down after that I’ll hopefully be doing the White Horse Half Marathon and continue reduce the weekly miles down further prior to the event. I am off to Gran Canaria for some pre Marathon sunshine a week prior to London. Hopefully I won’t put on too much weight and get some warmth into my legs!

The practicalities of the London Marathon aren’t actually that easy. Registration is the day before, across London at Excel and the event starts at Blackheath near Greenwich. So I’m thinking of booking an airbnb to avoid too much stress travelling on the day. Hotels are ridiculously expensive! I need to start planning my pre-race nutritional strategy too, nice bit of carb loading to look forward to!

So its fingers crossed for the last 5 weeks. I’m aiming to get to the start line in the best physical shape I can be and hopefully injury free. I’ve almost hit my target for sponsorship so big love to all those who’ve donated so far x. If you still wish to donate then the link is below.