Mark’s London Marathon Blog

Mark’s London Marathon Blog

So it’s 16 weeks until the Virgin London Marathon 2018

A bit of brief background here, despite working in fitness for almost 20 years I’ve never really been a long distance runner. I’ve played Football, Cricket Mud Runs and Triathlons, but nothing much more than a 10k run competitively.  I’m a stocky muscly build so not really built for distance, but that’s part of the challenge, stepping outside of my normal comfort zone. Target is sub 4 hours.

So this year I got in the ballot after years of trying, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. It maybe was fate or just chance that it coincided with my Father getting diagnosed with Lung Cancer in the Spring. He lost his brave but short fight in December and I be running for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation in his memory. (link to my just giving page is in the bottom of my page)

I’ve been increasing my “long runs” gradually since October and have racked up a few miles despite the distraction of Christmas and the adverse weather. It’s lucky I’ve got a gym to get the treadmill miles in! I’m up to about 8 ½ miles at the moment, running at around 5 min/per km pace. I’m following the run less – run faster programme which I think will work well for me as the knees aren’t cut out for more than 3 runs a week. The basic programme is 1 x tempo mid distance run, 1x interval run and 1 x longer run. All the pacing is set out for you so it’s pretty easy to follow. There aren’t any easy or recovery runs until the final week so it’s pretty tough. You probably need to invest in a garmin or GPS watch if you want to be accurate. I’m currently nursing a hamstring injury so trying not to overdo things and have some treatment along the way to make sure it doesn’t becoming a chronic thing.

So this is week 1 of the plan and it ends with a 10 mile run this Sunday. I have planned my running days and events for the coming months fast approaching is the Gloucester Half 14thJan, follwed by Milton Keynes 20 miler in March and White Horse Half in early April. The plan is in place so now it’s time to execute. I want to be consistent and stick to it as much as possible and get to the start line on the 22nd April as prepared as I can be.

The Main things to focus on the first few weeks of the plan are pacing and fuelling. I’ve always found electrolytes with caffeine and gels work well for me in triathlon, so I’m going to test this out in a race scenario next weekend. I’ll be updating this blog every week to log my journey. So if you’re a runner, a non-runner or just like a bit of banter then follow my story.