Stay Fit and Healthy in August

How to stay fit and healthy this August

So School is out, summer holiday is booked and the sun is shining (well you might be lucky) time to kick back and relax for 4 weeks right? Well not entirely, whilst a week or so indulging and resting your body is fine, you don’t want to lose all of your hard earned gains since the New Year in one foul swoop. Here is my guide to damage limitation and some tops tips to stay healthier over the summer period.


  1. I’ve got no time to go to the gym or workout! As ever prioritising is important here, make a time in your diary to dedicate to exercise – You have the added bonus of being able to get outside – bike, run, swim all activity is good. If you are short on time, go for a HIIT workout with 20 minutes hard work. My current favourite workouts are from these guys, with lots of variations, little or no equipment and guaranteed to make you sweat!


  1. I put on so much weight on holiday – Firstly try not to book and all inclusive, as the temptation is to great too great for some to “get your money’s worth” If you are visiting the seaside, fresh fish is great and go for ice lollies rather than ice cream. Always stay hydrated and try and be as active as you can be, don’t leave it all to the kids! Moving less and eating more means only one thing!


  1. I’ve got so many parties and barbeques to go to – This is all about choices, but you don’t have to abstain, go for good quality protein – Chicken and steak rather than processed burgers and sausages. Try and avoid high fat foods like coleslaw and potato salad, instead pile your plate with guilt free corn on the cob, salad and raw veggies. Avoid too much bread and starchy carbohydrates, if you are drinking alcohol, clear spirits with a soda mixer is the better choice. download (12)


  1. It’s too hot to exercise – Don’t be afraid to reduce the intensity of your workout if you need to, your body will be working overtime to cool you down, so you will still maintain your fitness. Exercise early in the morning most gyms will open first thing and it will be much cooler, so set that alarm for 6am!


  1. The children are always under my feet and I haven’t got any childcare – Play with your children! Games, sports, anything that involves moving around, they will appreciate it and you can have fun and stay fit at the same time! Teenagers should be responsible enough to leave whilst you get a training session in!    download (13)


  1. And finally keep things in perspective – The Summer will be over before you know it, so don’t drown in self pity if you have let things slip a bit, get back on track as soon as you can. You can even pre book some Personal Training Session for September now, or commit to joining a gym in advance, that way you have already made your intentions clear and it will focus your mind over the summer.