Covid-19 Guidance for safe gym use

Gym Booking
As part of the Government guidelines we are limited to the number of users who can access the gym. We also have to keep a record of all members who are using the gym, therefore you will need to pre-book use. To access this you will need to login to using the email address you provided when you joined. You can request a new password by simply entering your email address and clicking on the "forgotten my password" link. Your Membership will need to be active to enable bookings.

How bookings will work:

  • Gym use will be limited to 9 members at any time.
  • This will include a maximum of 4 in the lower free weights level (5 including staff) And 7 on the upper cardio level (8 including staff).
  • Bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance
  • Bookings will be in 1 hour slots with a maximum booking time of 2 hours per person.
  • Weekday bookings will be hourly from 6.30am and Weekends from 8am.
  • Please only book sessions that intend on using. If you have the flexibility to book outside of peak evenings and weekend times then please do so.
  • If you are unable to attend please ensure you cancel your booking as a courtesy to other members.
  • You may be refused access to the gym without a prior booking.

We will continue to review the booking procedure once it is operational and make any changes where required. If you encounter any problems when booking, then please email or call us.

Your safety and that of our staff, is our highest priority. Things will have to operate a bit differently to what you are used to for a while, therefore we want to let you know about the important new COVID-19 secure measures. Please read carefully

  1. All members will be required to use the automatic hand sanitiser upon entry to the gym.
  2. To adhere to Social Distancing several pieces of cardio equipment have been placed out of use.
  3. Resistance equipment has been repositioned to adhere to social distancing.
  4. Strict hygiene processes will be in place throughout the gym. Anti-bacterial sprays and blue towel will be readily available. We ask that all users spray all equipment before and after use, this includes all machines, weights and mats. There will also be increased daily cleaning regime to ensure we maintain these standards.
  1. Please arrive in your gym kit. The Changing Rooms and showers will currently be out of use unless agreed by prior arrangement.
  2. Limited lockers will be available and we recommend not locking them when in use.
  3. The drinks fountain is available to refill bottles only. No face to tap drinking.
  4. No outdoor footwear to be worn in the gym.
  5. Some equipment has been removed to ensure that we adhere to the guidelines and make exercising as practical and safe as possible.
  6. Air Flow - We will be opening windows and doors and running the fans in the gym as much as possible to maximise fresh air circulation.
  7. Face Masks - At time of writing there are no regulations that enforce compulsory wearing of face masks in the gym environment, so this is currently optional. Should things change prior to opening we will change any policy accordingly.
  8. Programme Cards - If you would like to use your programme card then please let us know so we can have it ready for your session. We ask that you keep hold of your card going forward.
  9. Personal Training - Sessions will continue as normal but may be restricted or modified depending on equipment availability.

Opening Hours Monday - Friday 6.30am-8.30pm Saturday & Sunday 8.00am-Midday

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