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Personal Training is all about staying motivated, getting results and getting advanced support. We recognise that every client has individual needs so we design a bespoke programme to fit in with their lifestyle and to achieve their goals. You will achieve far more than you thought you were capable of and we guarantee our commitment, alongside your own, will deliver fast results.

Having a Stone Barn Fitness Personal Trainer you will benefit from dedicated regular one-to-one sessions, creating a unique dynamic with your personal trainer and allowing you to focus on one thing - your results. We’ll conduct an initial physical analysis to create a regime specifically tailored for you, taking into account current fitness, potential injuries, lifestyle limitations and nutrition.

You will then be guided through an entire programme of health and fitness development, which includes your training inside and outside the gym, your diet and your lifestyle, complemented by our outstanding support services both in person and online.

Sticking with an exercise programme is one of the biggest challenges exercisers face. Personal training with Stone Barn Fitness integrates a wide range of disciplines and methods to keep both body and mind challenged in a variety of ways and there is nothing more motivating than achieving great results.

We do not recommend single sessions but they are fine if you want to experience a trial session before committing to structured regular sessions. While we recommend you commit to at least two sessions a week, we’re realistic about how day-to-day demands can impact on your schedule.

Session Type*


Single session


5 Session booking

£215 (£43 per session)

10 Session booking

£410 (£41 per session)

20 Session booking

£760 (£38 per session)

Joint Personal Training
A more cost effective way with a partner or friend. Receive a private training service with the added benefit of having someone to help keep you motivated.

£50 per session

£25 per person

Block booking costs available on request.

*Cancellation policy, please note that cancelling a session requires at least 24 hours notice and will otherwise be subject to a charge.

New High Intensity Interval Training Personal Training

Short on time and want great results?

HIIT is an enhanced form of interval training, an exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. HIIT does require a high level of subject motivation, so be prepared to work hard and sweat!

In research, HIIT has been shown to burn adipose tissue more effectively than low-intensity exercise - up to 50% more efficiently. It has also been shown to speed up your metabolism which helps you burn more calories throughout the day.

10 x 30 minute HIIT Sessions £250

Contact us for further information or to book a personal training session.

Personal training

Personal training

Featured Testimonial

Thinking about doing our 90 Day Challenge? Here is a recent testimonial.

"Thank you Mark for getting my head back into exercising regularly. It feels great to be back in the gym again after a long break. The HIIT approach of exercising has been an eye opener for me. My old gym style of spending 30/45 minutes was uninspiring to say the least and undoubtedly the reason why I had fallen out of love with exercising. The programmes you have written for me mean that I constantly engaged and the time flies by. I have sometimes questioned whether I am doing enough but this style of exercising has definitely got the results I could have hoped for- total of 10.5 inches, 11lbs and 4.2% Body fat lost!

The 90 day programme has been perfect to achieve results and give me the platform to continue exercising regularly and I would recommend to anyone."

Kayte Newton

Opening Hours Monday - Friday 6.30am-8.30pm Saturday & Sunday 8.00am-Midday

what are your fitness goals?

  • Fat loss
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Sports specific training
  • Energising your life and your confidence
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Medical conditions and injury rehabilitation


When deciding to join a gym I knew that I would need some independent motivation to get me going. Weekly training sessions with Mark for the first 10 weeks were exactly that, he understood what I was trying to achieve and set a plan across lifestyle, diet and training to get me there, as well as making sure I was there every week!

Craig Strachan

Mark has been training me over the past 8 months , Not only am I now stronger when exercising at the gym, but it has made a significant difference in my day to day work life with my fitness levels and overall stamina to do my job much improved.

Jo Cotton

"I cannot recommend Mark and Stone Barn Fitness enough. Mark the personal trainer is a great teacher and an ambassador for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

He is friendly but firm in his encouragement to reach your own personal goals, both in body and mind. He has given me excellent advice on my diet and which supplements would work best for me to achieve what I want, together with suggestions for exercise to do at home.

I started with him in June, feeling totally unfit and unhealthy, after only a month doing two sessions a week I felt such a massive difference both physically and mentally with so much more focus.

Mark started me off on a gentle program steadily increasing the weights so the improvements were quickly noticeable, so much so that after 7 weeks I had managed to almost double all the weights I was using. He managed to instil the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the commitment it takes.

I cannot recommend him enough. Mark is a very nice guy and I consider him now a good friend."

Tom Madeley

I love the fact that I have the opportunity of using a local, small and friendly gym. Always like to support local business and so enjoy the fact that this is not a major gym chain but a place that is able to offer such a personal service. I have certainly been challenged since I started at Stone Barn Fitness in January and would like to think that the challenge will continue. Mark, the owner and my trainer, is always on hand to offer any advice and support and his passion for his gym is obvious. I would highly recommend coming along to this gym and giving it a try out. You won't be disappointed.

Bea Bates

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For all enquiries and further information please contact Mark on 01608 658754 or 07776 222208 or complete the contact form to get in touch by email.





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